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They say God doesn’t play dice. They say there’s a reason for everything. There are no coincidences. In quantum physics, they say everything has already been determined from the moment of the big bang. And now they’re talking about the simulation theory. That this whole thing is an illusion and could get snuffed out if that cosmic kid playing his matrix-style video in the basement of his parent's house gets bored and pulls the plug. Everyone gets bored with the same game eventually. So what's the point of our dizzy incarnations?

Punching Waves is a memoir written by a human being just trying to make sense of it all. One part rags-to-riches, one part boy-meets-girl of his dreams–all bookended by a dark childhood and the tragic loss of a child. His has been a high-octane life lived at the edges. From his journey into the Maze Desert to sit on a rock in solitude, to traveling deep into the Amazon Jungle to confront his greatest fears while participating in the sacred, and at times, terrifying ayahuasca ceremonies. From a brief stay at divinity school to his wrestling with an army of overmatched therapists. 

Through it all, you will get to know a character whose spirit was never broken because he knew he could always punch his way out of anything life could throw at him, while somehow seeing the humor in it all. Even more so when he’s properly medicated.              

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While it might appear to be a bold statement, it is reasonable to conclude that all of the major components that occur during a Near-Death Experience have already been revealed; from the initial out-of-body experience - to the NDEr being told “It is not your time. You must go back.” Most who have had an NDE describe this otherworldly realm as heaven. And heaven, if it is real, would not likely change over time. So, is there more to learn about this phenomenon? That is the unique focus of Crossover Experience. 


Having carefully researched thousands of the most exceptional Near-Death Experiences recorded, it is evident that if we shift our focus and train our minds-eye on the nuance - the fine details that do not stand out from those "main events," we find there is a treasure-trove of qualities that reveal more of the contours, depth and messaging within a Near-Death Experience. So, join us as we take you on a wondrous journey through this mysterious realm in search of a deeper, more expansive understanding of what the NDE is trying to communicate to us all. 

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